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Requests Now Closed until further notice

UC Request

Thanks for your request - please see the info below.

Universal Criminals - Sanction Centre
'Get your £20 back'

Due to the anticipated amount of requests, money will be sent on a first-come-first-served basis. Cash will be sent 1st class in a card.

If your request is successful, you will receive an email on Tuesday 23rd November.  
I'm really sorry if you don't receive an email, there are only 250 cards I can do to begin with and they are sent first-come-first-served.

More cards are being prepared on 1st December.  YOU WILL NEED TO REAPPLY ON 1ST DECEMBER. No information or address are saved for longer than 48 hours.

For legal reasons, we cannot mention the departments but we hope it is clear whom we are referring to. We do not advise declaring the cash to the 'Sanction centre' or your 'Universal Criminals' work coach. Consider it as a tax-free prize in accordance with the Income Tax Act 2007,  Department of Finance Advice and the HMRC internal manual



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