Outlaw Genetics:

*These are to be used as souvenirs unless you live in a place where it is legal to grow cannabis. Seeds are 100% legal in the UK.


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Indoor and Outdoor.


Huge yields, quality genetics, tried and tested for years with care and experience - try them for yourself!


x4 OUTLAW GEN 1 (AutoFlowering) [Indica Dominant] 

Resinous buds, fast flowering, and great resilience during growth.


x4 OUTLAW GEN 2 (AutoFlowering) [Sativa Dominant] 

Large buds and great resilience during growth.


Pungent aromas with slightly fruity undertones that hint at the pure Thai sativa used to create this powerful hybrid. Its aroma is sweet and fruity.


From seed to crop in 6-8 weeks!!

Outlaw Genetics {x4 Seeds}

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