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Woman reports stalker to police, gets fined £90 for ‘wasting police time’ before she is murdered.

Shana Grice asked the police to help multiple times. She received no help and a £90 fine before she was murdered by her stalker and ex-boyfriend, Michael Lane.

Another grim example of police negligence and a further indication that their true priorities are not within the public interest.

Shana Grice was murdered by her stalker ex-boyfriend after she reported him to the police five times over a period of six months.

The final months of the teenager's life were characterised by violence and threats at the hands of her controlling former partner, Michael Lane.

Sussex Police failed to properly investigate the 19-year-old's claims she was being harassed, and she was fined for wasting police time.

In August 2016, Lane slit her throat before trying to burn her body. A judge later said police “jumped to conclusions” and “stereotyped” Miss Grice, while her family said the murder could have been prevented if officers had taken the teenager’s complaints seriously.

Five months before her death, she was fined £90 by police for ‘wasting their time’ because she did not tell officers she had been in a relationship with Lane after she reported him for pulling her hair and grabbing her phone.

I’ve always said that police interviews seem to be an invitation to assist the police in a prosecution against yourself. Instead of following up on claims made by Shana, the police naturally made the situation worse for the victim at the first opportunity.

Tom Milsom from the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC), said Sussex Police didn't understand "the difference between a spat between two individuals and harassing behaviour". He said: “You really need to listen to the victim and I don't think that happened to Shana. She was let down.”

When Lane was first reported for breaking into Miss Grice's home he was handed a caution.

Six weeks later, he broke in for a second time, walking into her bedroom and killing her.

Shana's family also slammed police, saying they believed her murder could have been prevented if officers had listened to her fears about Lane.

Her mother, Sharon Grice, said in a victim impact statement read on her behalf: "We brought Shana up to respect authority and to always respect the law.

We firmly believe her murder could have been prevented if her fears had been listened to and taken seriously by the police."

At a subsequent enquiry PC John Milne was found guilty of gross misconduct and PC Godfrey of misconduct.

Sussex Police have apologised to the family. I’m sure that will go far.

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