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GMP Police grab student by the neck for shaking his head during protests

Outlaw covering legal fees for yet another victim taking GMP to court, to receive compensation after being unlawfully arrested and pinned against a van by his neck

Greater Manchester Police say a man, aged 18, was arrested last night for "breach of the peace" but was later de-arrested. This is a familiar excuse used by the police for unnecessary arrest.

A male officer can be seen holding the victim against the van, while another officer seemingly attempts to pull him off the victim, before turning around and pushing other members of the public who are showing concern for the victim of police brutality.

A friend of the arrested teen told the Manchester Evening News: "I think my mate just casually shook his head at the police van as we went passed and this officer jumped out and pinned him against the van.

He was saying 'are you shaking your head at me you little s***?'

I got my phone out and they weren't letting me film it, two officers shoved me to the floor."

The unnamed witness claims police dropped the teenager at a local McDonald's and never formally arrested him.

He said when the student asked for the officers' badge numbers, he was told "do you want to spend the weekend in the cells?"

Since the incident, the victim has contacted me and I've sent the videos, evidence and information over to my solicitor to work on. Assistance with issues like this will be crazy easy to receive compensation for once my solicitor firm is up and running in a month or so.

Greater Manchester Police said in a statement: "Following protests in Manchester City Centre yesterday an 18-year-old man was detained for breach of the peace. He was later de-arrested.

Following a public complaint in regards to this arrest, the incident has been referred to GMP's Professional Standards Branch for assessment."

Updates to follow.

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