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Police special constable dismissed for ‘gross misconduct’ after sending strangers creepy texts

A volunteer police officer has been sacked after sending ‘inappropriate and unwanted messages’ to women he did not know on Instagram

SC Liam McCready-Gardner was arrested on 2nd March on suspicion of sending malicious communications after one of the incidents was reported to police. He was suspended from his role as a special constable following his arrest.

He was convicted of malicious communications on 31st March and ordered to pay a £150 fine, costs of £105 and a £34 victim surcharge.

Chief Constable of Essex Police, BJ Harrington, said: “I demand the highest level of conduct from all my officers and staff and Liam McCready-Gardner has fallen woefully short of that standard.

“We police with the public’s consent and his actions could serve to damage their confidence in us.

“His actions do not reflect Essex Police and the thousands of officers and staff who keep you safe, including when you go online.

“When the offences came to light, he was investigated by my officers and that investigation led to his conviction.

“We have now acted quickly to ensure he can no longer represent Essex Police.”

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