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Police officer twice accused of rape continues to serve

The Met police officer, who is accused of raping two female colleagues, has not been charged or suspended, but is to face a misconduct hearing - more than three years after the claims were made.

Both women were reportedly involved in “abusive” relationships with the unnamed officer, and made separate allegations of physical and sexual assault in 2017, which he denied.

The women’s accusations include rape, assault, strangulation, being thrown against furniture and beaten up in their car.

An investigation by Essex Police and the Crown Prosecution Service was dropped in 2019, citing a lack of evidence.

Essex Police stated that the male officer was not arrested because “there was no immediate safeguarding concern due to the non-recent nature of the allegations and the lack of contact between suspect and victims”, a bitterly ironic statement considering it took them two years to investigate the allegations.

One of the women, “Holly”, whose name was changed to protect her anonymity, told the BBC it was a “really bad investigation” with poor evidence-gathering. She claimed Essex Police “didn’t even finish taking all my allegations”.

Although the suspect was not arrested, both women’s claims were upheld and their allegations recognised by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

In fact, Holly was awarded £17,100 in compensation by the CICA, which said “police evidence indicates that you were a victim of sexual abuse”.

Meanwhile, the other woman, “Kate”, whose name has also been changed, received £11,600 in compensation from the CICA, saying she had been raped and subjected to “serious physical abuse”.

But the way the Met handled her experience at a local level was horrendous, “Holly” said. "There was very little support, (it was) very poorly managed," she said. "He massively controlled everything. He had his friends. He was looked after, whereas we were just cast aside and not cared for."

At an early stage, the male officer was given leaked details of the investigation. Internal police documents seen by the BBC showed this allowed him to prepare his defence.

This goes to show the levels the police will go to to protect their own and deeply ingrained culture of violence, misogyny, and corruption. As more and more cases of police sexual misconduct continue to surface, how long will we continue to stand by and allow them to behave this way? Investigating only police officers who are caught clearly is not enough.

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