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Catalogue of sexual abuse allegations against Met Police

One officer said he wished to rape his daughter and niece and watch them be raped by others

According to documents obtained by the Observer under the freedom of information act, there were a total of 594 sexual misconduct complaints made against Met officers between 2012 and 2018. Of this total, 119 complaints were upheld internally, and subject to disciplinary proceedings. Of the 119 complaints upheld, only 63 of them led to dismissals, retirements, or resignations.

It is not disclosed in the document how many of the complaints were entered into the criminal justice system, therefore it is unclear whether any of them were charged with a sexual offence or misconduct. Are the police exempt from the law? Nazir Afzal, former chief crown prosecutor rightly points out that “Disciplinary proceedings are not an acceptable substitute for judicial proceedings.

Some of the horrific allegations include sex with a rape victim, sexual assault on a domestic abuse survivor in a women’s refuge, sexual abuse of children, and acting as “an online sexual predator”.

Numerous complaints document cases of domestic abuse, including one officer being arrested “on suspicion of rape, threats to kill and common assault” against his partner, and another, a special constable, was simply dismissed for “raping his wife numerous times over eight years of marriage”.

Other disturbing cases include an officer who sent messages stating that he wished to rape two girls who appeared to be his daughter and niece and watch them be raped by others. Another serious case is of an officer who met a woman while on duty and later visited her home where sexual intercourse led to an allegation of rape. The officer received a verbal warning and management advice, the least severe censure an officer can receive following a misconduct hearing.

Another officer was dismissed after pretending to be a woman online “to advance his sexual proclivities and also film a woman apparently having non-consensual sex with a male in a public park”.

In light of this and other recent news, including the murder of Sarah Everard and attack on Emma Homer, it’s clear that the issue is more than just a few bad eggs, it’s systemic and deeply ingrained in the police. Why is it that this profession attracts so many twisted individuals?

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