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Bill attempting to silence protests delayed after “protest works”

Draconian police bill that is a threat to the public's right to protest, has been pushed back.

The proposed legislation has been criticised for stripping protest rights and failing to include any mention of protection for women against violence. After a week of protests in Parliament Square, the Government’s controversial Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill has been delayed.

The bill passed a vote at its second reading this week. Labour MP Peter Kyle, who is chair of the committee examining amendments to the Bill, said on Thursday that MPs were due to start scrutinising the legislation next week, however the parliament link now states that scrutiny of the bill will begin on June 24.

There’s been no official reason given as to why the committee has been pushed back.

Writing in the Morning Star, Labour MP Diane Abbott said, “There is no suggestion that this government has had a change of heart, it is simply retreating under pressure”.

“That is why it is vital to maintain the pressure.” “Protest works.”

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