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Evidence that demonstrates the need for urgent decriminalisation of cannabis, that will be used for legal action against the government.


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- Timeline -

5th APRIL 2021


  • The Home Office receives our notice before action for the judicial review.

  • The Home office received the first 'evidence bundle'.


20th April 2021



  • Public publishing of the document delayed until 8th May.

  • We allow the Home Office to 'investigate' evidence included in the document that will be made publicly available. (We have some strong evidence of corruption that may not be in the public interest to publish if sensible agreements can be made outside of court regarding a decriminalisation approach towards users and growers of cannabis)

  • We submit the proof of funds to the chambers for our intended legal action after the Judicial review (the Group Litigation).  

1st May 2021


  • The home office has had 14 days to investigate the evidence, respond to 'The Document' and our intended proceedings.


4th May 2021

  • Expected response. 14 'working days'  have passed.

8th May 2021


  • Make the document public (No additional time will be given unless it's required to discuss the potential for decriminalisation outside of legal action - in which case we will publish the Home Office's response with any 'sensitive evidence' temporarily redacted)

  • Potential to discuss outside of legal action. Redactions made until further notice.

25th May 2021



  • Publish current MP responses.

  •  'Ask your MP 4 questions' to avoid template response.

1st June 2021


  • Presented financial evidence of legal costs covered.⠀

4th June 2021


  • Court costs for legal action accepted by the set of barristers' chambers in London.⠀

14th June 2021


  • Every police chief issued a notice from our solicitors explaining the civil action that will soon be taken against individual officers who unlawfully enforce cannabis laws on people who ‘use and possess raw cannabis for personal reasons’.⠀

18th June 2021


  • The final version of information requests for anticipated review are sent to the public bodies involved in the legal action.⠀

18th June 2021


‘Test case’ begins. [More information soon]⠀

1st July 2021

2nd July 2021

  • Public bodies have had 14 days to respond to the final information requests.⠀

12th July 2021


  • TEST CASE SUCCESS - ACQUITTED! Solid defences for 1 - 6 ounces of cannabis possession, 3 more test cases begin for cultivation. NO MORE NON GUILTY POSSESSION PROSECUTIONS SOON! (see acquittal doc)


  • Chambers confirms court date for Judicial Review.⠀

  • Publish Home Office and public body responses used in the Judicial Review (with redactions necessary for legal action).⠀

  • Judicial review application and costs presented to the court.

  • Result of the Judicial review used as evidence for  Class Action lawsuit (group litigation)

  • Class Action lawsuit (group litigation) including evidence from 1000's of cannabis users in order to decriminalise cannabis through the court system.


#holdthemaccountable #overgrowthegovernment

Read the document


Contact your police chief, MP and the Home Office:


"Happy to announce my solicitors have given me the go ahead to take the government to court over the UK’s corrupted but continued prohibition of cannabis and their unlawful actions against cannabis users. 


I’ve now officially covered the amount it costs to instruct a Judge to conduct a judicial review that will start by looking into the Home Office failing to respond to freedom of information requests about the harm and evidence that supports these daft cannabis laws.


The document is going through final legal checks now. One of my solicitors is doing a press statement and issuing the docs to the Home Office along with our intended proceedings on Monday 5th April. They have 14 days to respond and then we go for it.


On the same day he’s issued it, I’ll be publishing the full doc on this page.


As soon as the judicial review is done, if it doesn't work out I’ll be doing a huge Group Litigation Order with the best litigation solicitors in the UK (who have had laws overturned in the past). I’ll need all your support for that, and loads of statements from anyone who has been affected by the cannabis laws.


It’s cost a lot already and Group Litigation will cost loads more so any support is mad appreciated. Become a patreon today here and help keep this movement going. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.


Keep looped here with all updates."

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