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I'm trying to get as many responses as possible. 


The more people get involved, the bigger chance we have.

  1. Highlight the text below and 'copy' it.

  2. Send as a reply to your first response, or:

  3. Scroll down and enter your postcode.

  4. Select your representative.

  5. 'Paste' the text and add anything you want to.

  6. Enter your details and send. (or copy the representative email address and text into your email.)

If you get a reply please forward it to


Send this to your MP if you're emailing them for the first time  - without the {bracket}

Or, reply to your MPs ignorant and unacceptable template response  - including the {bracket}

Dear [MP Name]


{Thank you for your reply.}


I understand you’re busy - I have narrowed my questions in order to avoid a copied template response.


I would like to understand your personal opinion as a Member of Parliament. 


I would appreciate you personally spending one minute to answer these 4 questions. One word answers are fine;


1 - Do you feel the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 is fit for purpose? 


2 - Do you feel non-violent drug users are predominantly a ‘criminal’ or ‘health’ concern?




3 - Do you feel a person who grows, uses or possesses cannabis (for personal or medical reasons) contributes towards organised crime, or harms society? 


4 - Do you feel substances that are scientifically proven to have a greater harm than cannabis should be scheduled and criminalised?


Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this.



[Your Name]

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