The Manchester-based anonymous figure, who conceals his identity beneath a black balaclava, is well known for his outrageous political activism, primarily surrounding the decriminalisation of cannabis and fighting the injustices within the systems we live in.

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Socials, photos and videos of all of Outlaw's activism, fighting injustice, free weed, cash to the homeless, questioning the government and more...



Outlaw's thoughts on current events.



I do what I do - the UK cannabis laws are proven to be counterproductive, a waste of time and resources, more damaging than the 'crime', based on outdated political aims and against our fundamental human rights.


We all know cannabis shouldn't be illegal.

If you don't, this document (which forms the evidence I need to take the government to court) will educate you or the conditioned people you know.

On the first week of lockdown, I put out a request and delivered weed and other essentials for free around my home town. 

Then I sent out 100s of grams in the post to the NHS staff, doctors and heroes that our government continue to neglect, who choose to use cannabis recreationally - instead of alternatives like alcohol that are 110x more deadly. Some of them sent me footage back: 

I've also send out over 90 ounces in the post to key workers and followers via request on my Instagram stories but now it's time for a new system.


The new system lets you see when to expect your free smoke pack:



They claim 'there's obviously a few bad eggs'...

That's fine. I'm only here for the bad eggs.

"This easy to understand guide compiles everything you need to know to help you through any encounters you may have with the UK police, with information that the police won’t tell you and in some cases do not fully understand themselves."


"Outlaw reveals his proven strategy of tactical silence and includes a detailed step by step guide on how to successfully receive compensation from the police, on your own, without going to court."

Released in July and still the No1. Best Seller on Amazon in English law

An email sent to me from an Instagram follower, who finally received £17,000 to settle his claim for damages against the police after following guidance in the 'Policing The Police' book.


Free Police protection app created by Outlaw.

Film the police whilst reminding them of your rights, or use the verbal prompts and recorded footage to receive compensation with help from OUTLAW's free legal advice-line.

The app incorporates a full screen camera with an overlaid multiple choice menu containing an explanation of your rights and what to say to the police depending on your situation.


Available for free on the Apple App store now.

Coming to Android soon.

The police shutdown the busiest road in Manchester for over 8 hours, arrested me and my team illegally and held us in a terrorist cell 12 hours. Decided not to sue the police for +£40,000 and made an alternative arrangement on this occasion. It was made clear that this won't happen again and I have since sued GMP twice. 

GMP apologised to me and my team after this event and issued a NFA.



These are only police and court personnel who have been caught and reported on. 


I recently got an email from one of my favourite solicitors, confirming the project I've been working on for two years can legally go ahead. 

I'm absolutely buzzin and can't wait until everything in place over the next few weeks (before the end of April) so that I can announce it.

1000s of solicitors around the UK instructed to work for OUTLAW - for you, for FREE.

  • Police interview representation and phone calls

  • Taking the police to court for civil cases 



Giving could be the best thing you receive.

The government continue to neglect the poorest people in our society so I will continue to raise awareness and actively help by giving away my own money.


Of course I don't film every giveaway I do and only include people in my videos who have given consent to raise awareness. Helping people is a big part of my life outside of 'outlaw'.

When the government announced they were putting up rough sleepers in hotel rooms, my congratulations were rightly reserved as they went back on this a few weeks after announcing it all in the press. 


I rang Travel Lodge to see if I could pay for a load of hotel rooms for rough sleepers, they said no because it's against their policy. So, I booked loads of rooms in fake names, got my team to check in and then I handed the room keys out.

Most of the people were just happy to have a hot shower, never mind a bed, cash and food. Most of the women and a large amount of men felt vulnerable and didn't want to be in the film, which I always understand and will never use the footage.

This year's Santa handout, the police wouldn't dare attempt to justify arresting me this time.

Bought some gifts for less fortunate kids and gave some cash to their parents as we watch MPs get higher wages than ever and even more cuts to Universal Credit.





The music producer behind OUTLAW is in high demand for custom instrumentals and studio sessions for artists and collaborating musicians.

You can request an instrumental list or studio session with Outlaw here.